Th Balance Juice

The research work dates back to 1977 at the Prince of Songkla University. Our scientific team led by Professor Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra found that Th17 Regimen can activate the various groups of white blood cells against the growth of cancer cells.

Th17 Regimen has been used successfully on various types of cancer including lung, breast, prostate, lymphatic, leukemia, bone, tongue, nasopharyngeal, liver and colon cancers.

  • 38 years of Scientific Research and Development.
  • International Patented technology.
  • Clinically proven to raise Th17 cells by 500% naturally asconfirmed by Biomedical Technology Research Center(BIOTEC), Thailand.
  • Over the past 5 years, many cancer sufferers have significantly benefited from this Regimen.
  • Contains GM-1 (the most active xanthones in Garcinia Mangostana) that kills cancer cells.
  • Contains Alpha Hydroxy acid that traps free ions; preventing the growth of cancer cells.
  • Contains Polysaccharides (ingredient found in Lingzhi) that are shown to inhibit the spread of cancer cells.
  • Contains Hydroxycitric acid that traps the enzyme used in the synthesis of fats which is a part of cancer cell wall lining.
  • Increases platelets and white blood cell count.
  • Increases strength & energy.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Improves quality of sleep.
  • All natural plant-based ingredients.
  • May be taken with other medication or treatment.
  • Good for all ages.

What differentiates Th Balance Juice from other mangosteen juice?

  • 38 Years of Scientific Research and Development.
  • Patented technology in extracting the ingredients.
  • Contains standardized quantities of all natural ingredients that inhibit the spread of cancer cells.

Credibility and Collaboration

This research has been a collaboration with Biomedical Technology Research Centre (BIOTEC), Thailand, Thai Mangosteen Research and Development Centre and the Asian Phytoceuticals Public Co Ltd.

Shi Lim, Miss Singapore Universe 2013, on General Health & Beauty.

“The team I spoke with didn’t do any hard-selling and they were really patient explaining the benefits of the juice. I decided to try taking the juice for a short period as I wanted to see how my body will take to it. I was a little skeptical since there are so many health supplements in the market. After about 1 month, the one thing I noticed and, honestly, it was my friends who spotted it, they said how great my skin and complexion was. Throughout the entire time, I wasn’t taking anything else. It was just the Th Balance Juice and all I can say is that the juice works”.

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